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Under the name MASH, Mayaan James and Shaya Feldman form a captivating musical duo that merges classical traditions with experimental and theatrical styles. Their unique collaboration showcases their individual talents and artistic backgrounds.

Together MASH, Mayaan, and Shaya have been captivating audiences since their formation in 2016. Their performances are a perfect balance of playfulness and seriousness, connecting with listeners on an emotional and intellectual level.

They have graced the stages of renowned festivals and become regular performers in Israel and Europe. In addition to their live performances, MASH also offers creative workshops and exploration of gibberish and arts integration for both children and adults.

With their debut album “Gushpanka” released in 2022, MASH presents a collection of original compositions that exemplify their artistic journey over the past six years. This album showcases their exceptional musicality and the unique synergy they bring as a duo.

MASH, as a duo, continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with its innovative approach to music. Their collaboration brings together the talents and artistic visions of Mayaan James and Shaya Feldman, creating a truly exceptional musical experience.




October 2023
Oct 10
10 October 2023

Jerusalem Academy

April 2023
Apr 08
08 April 2023

Beit Jamal (IL) - 8.4.23

March 2023
Mar 10
10 March 2023

Jerusalem Music Center (live to the Israeli radio) - 10.3.23

Mar 02
02 March 2023

Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem (IL) - 2.3

January 2023
Jan 07
07 January 2023
Ceme Music Festival, TLV (IL),

Ceme Music Festival, TLV (IL) -  7.1.23

October 2022
Oct 12
12 October 2022

Brussels Tour (BE) - October 2022

July 2022
Jul 11
11 July 2022

Inbal Theater, TLV (IL) - 11.7.22

May 2022
May 12
12 May 2022

Brussels tour (BE) -  Mai 22

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